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Mars Society Chapters Web server:

Mars Society web sites: - primary web site
Flashline Mars Arctic Station - Devon Island, Canada
Mars Desert Station - Utah, USA

All Mars Society Chapters - full listing of Chapters, world wide.

Websites on this server, not for specific local chapters:

Chapters Council - represent the members & chapters of the Mars Society (defunct – for historical value only)

On-Line Meetings & Chat
Available for meetings of any Mars Society Chapter, Task Force, or other group.

Red Planet Satellite Report - Monthly publication for internal Mars Society communication between chapters & task forces (defunct – for historical value only)

Youth Chapter - Group which brings together young Mars Society members from around the world (inactive – for historical value only at the moment)

MDRS/SouthWest Habitat (original site, now static – current site here)
MarsGravity / Translife (original site, now static – current site here)
Civilization & Culture (historical only)

Greens4Mars (defunct – for historical value only)
(the web site on this server not updated since 2001, but follow the link to the sourceforge page and you will find the project still active)

Local Chapter Websites on this Server:

International Chapters

France (original site, now static – new one here)

Polska - Warsaw, Poland

- all Canadian chapters
Toronto Chapter - Toronto, Ontario
Victoria Chapter - Victoria, British Columbia
Winnipeg Chapter - Winnipeg, Manitoba

United States (USA)
Puget Sound - Seattle, WA
Michigan Mars Society - Ann Arbor, MI
New England Chapter - M.I.T. / Boston, MA
Northern California Chapter - San Francisco, CA
Oregon Chapter
Wisconsin Chapter
DC / Capitol Area Chapter - DC, USA

Illinois Chapter - North Shore
New Mexico Chapter - Albuquerque, NM
Wyoming Chapter

Sites Under Construction or Reserved for future use:
Grays Harbor - Washington State, USA
North Dakota Chapter -


Directory of new USA web sites - lists all USA web sites on this server, including any newer than this page

Task Forces: - Some Task Force web sites on this server (most currently static and of historical value only). The main site lists the most current information about Task Force Web sites, no matter where they are hosted.

Note: This page lists only the chapter sites hosted on this server. See the full Mars Society Chapter listing.

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