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Travel Information

As a reminder for those of you who do not live in Canada, you will need to make sure you have all necessary documents upon arriving and departing Canada as you will be going through customs. It is best if you have a passport but if you are coming in from the United States an original birth certificate, social security card, and driver's license will do.

Canadian Tax Refund Information

As a non-resident visitor, you can claim a refund for goods and services tax (GST) and the harmonized sales tax (HST) you paid on eligible goods and/or short term accommodation while visiting Canada.

For more information on how to apply for this refund please visit the tax website.

Currency Exchange

Follow this link for information on the current currency exchange rate.

Vancouver Airport Information

Additional information on airlines and the Vancouver International Airport can be found here.

Transportation to and from Vancouver International Airport

For information on local transportation at the Vancouver International Airport please visit their web site.

Expedition-Mars.org: Expedition Two to the Australian Mars Analog

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