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Expedition Two Seeks Your Sponsorship

Current Sponsors

Current sponsors of Expedition Two and its associated projects are:

The Canadian Space Agency

Land Rover

Australian Geographic

Australian National University School of Pyschology

Primary Industry and resources, South Australia, Minerals

Lake Eyre Basin Coordinating Group

Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary and Resort


Skins CGT

Hire Intelligence

Boblbe Australia

Sponsor Our Expedition

The Mars Society of Australia and Mars Society of Canada are seeking sponsorship, both as in-kind support and cash donations, for all of our exciting, innovative projects. MSA and MSC are incorporated as a not-for-profit corporation. Anyone wishing more information is encouraged to contact us at jhlaing@ozemail.com.au. You may wish to download our entire sponsor kit.


Organisations wishing to sponsor any of the projects of the Mars Society will have their logo displayed on our website expedition-mars.org, in our press releases, and on any equipment or structures where logo space is available. Publicity photographs and video will be obtained and worked into stories by professional media organizations to maximize the sponsor’s positive corporate exposure.

In-kind Donations

The Mars Society of Australia and Mars Society of Canada welcome all in-kind donations towards any of our projects. For full information on making in-kind donations, please contact us.

Included in this package is a wishlist of items or areas in which in-kind donations are critically needed. Hardware and software donated to our projects are used by students and faculty from universities, and professionals from industry and government agencies, whom will likely be in positions to be making purchasing decisions now or in the future.

An in-kind donation is a great way to promote your product and obtain an endorsement of your company by the people the explorers of the next frontier – our sister planet Mars.

Please see our Wishlist for specific items you may donate to our projects.


Not all equipment and parts can be donated. In many cases, we need cash to purchase items directly, to pay for travel costs for crewsmembers to Adelaide, to pay for food, fuel, water, power and more.

You don't have to be a high-technology, aerospace, or otherwise specialized company or individual. Any organization can help us make these projects a reality. In fact, donating to our projects is a fantastic way to advertise and support new target groups.

Whether you're an individual or corporation thinking about donating $100, $1000, or $100,000, we'd be happy to work with you. Let us know.

Mars Expedition Research Council

The Mars Expedition Research Council (MERC) is an international body of researchers and Mars analog expedition of many disciplines researching the metric of exploration for Martian expediiton planning.

MERC Expedition Two

Hosted by the Mars Society of Australia for MERC, to conduct a 30-day Mission of Investigation in Long-Range Human-Crewed Rover expeditions in an analog to the Mars surface, and the necessary tools and technologies, field exploration strategies, field science operations, scientific disciplines (geology, biology, geophysics, geochemistry), human factors, telemedicine and crew social psychology studies necessary to understand such an endeavour.

Sponsors of Mars Society Canada:

Sponsors of the International Mars Society:

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Expedition Two Sponsors

School of Pyschology

PIRSA Minerals

and Private Individuals