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Mars Society Canada - R & D Projects

Current Projects

Updated March 19, 2005.

The MSC Research and Development Team is considering a long term plan for R&D, both related to our Mars Analog Expedition Research Program, and other projects supporting Mars research.

If you wish to become a part of any of the items below please contact anyone from the MSC-Board or if a name is already attached to the item you are interested in please contact one of the individuals below.

Some of our more recent projects:

On-going projects:

Project Name Contact

Radio Free Mars

EVA Datalogger Project

Director of Projects: . Please send project proposals and updates to this address.

Attention University Students!

Updated March 8, 2004.

MSC is seeking to establish partnerships with student teams to design, build and test hardware and software for various projects at the Mars Desert Research Station and other Mars analog sites. Below are some suggestions for project you could start at your university.

  1. Version 3 of the Datalogger -- custom designing software for the iPAQ 4350 we have.
  2. Begin a spacesuit design project
  3. Revive the ARES rover project
  4. Tools to aid science operations.
  5. Robots of various kinds.
  6. Scouting for Mars analog sites in Canada. is owned by Mars Society of Canada, Inc.