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At the turn of each calendar year, the Chapters Council calls for the nomination of Chapters Council Representatives. Each Chapter then conducts a nomination or appointment process to select a member to take on this role. Any Chapter appearing on the Mars Society Chapters page can elect a Chapters Council Representative.

The role of Chapter Council Representative is to:
  • represent their Chapter in matters brought to the Council's attention
  • vote on the election of officers and appointees to the Chapters Council
  • provide a communications link from their Chapter to the Chapters Council, Steering Committee and other Mars Society Chapters
  • Volunteers taking on this role will find many other ways to become involved theselves, and help their Chapter Members become involved as well

Other ways to help the Chapters Council
  • The are a number of projects that volunteers can help the Chapters Council with, without being a Chapters Council Representative. These volunteers would not have a vote in the council, however.
  • Helping produce promotional material
  • Helping organise and and assist with conventions
  • Flashline MARS, and other habitat analogs in Australia, Iceland, and Arizona
  • Analog Rover Programs

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