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Resource Links

Here are some resource links which may be useful to Mars simulation modellers:

Simulation Models

Derrick Davis's Simulation Excercise Notes

Maps & Atlases

CMEX: Mars Atlas/Maps
PDS Planetary Image Atlas - USGS.


Mars Society's Images & Charts - Lots of nice Mars artwork.
West To Mars - Artwork and poetry.
Images of Mars The Planetary Society's picture book.
Nine Planets: Mars - Lots of images and info.
NSSC Mars Photo Gallery

3D Graphics

Mars Art Toolkit - Mars Society's shareware 3D model and texture library for Bryce 3D.

Mars Info

Mars Terraforming Information Pages - Links to terraforming resources.
Views of the Solar System: Mars
The Planet Mars - USGS site.
Mars Today - Current conditions on Mars and its relation to Earth.

Mars Calendar Sites

Gangale's Martian Time Web Site
Zubrin's Mars Calendar
Prospector Pete's Mars Calendar Pages

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