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The Mars Society of Canada

In this country, we use metric.
Educational Material

If you wish to exchange bytes with us for any purpose relating to Mars Educational/Society Outreach material or activities, contact Carmen.

F-MARS Habitat Model

Plans and material list to build a model of the F-MARS (Mars Society-Flashline Arctic Research Station) habitat.

Mars Direct Plan

A plan that could send humanity to Mars in ten years using current technology.

Movements of Mars

The motions of Mars in the sky have long interested astrologers and astronomers, and its orbit now determines spacecraft trajectories.

Mars Facts

Martian realities - interesting information about the planet.


Questions and answers about ALH84001, the Martian rock found in Antarctica.

Mars Probes

Interplanetary probes to Mars - past, present and future - and the launchers that lifted them from our world.

Mars in the Media

Our culture's fascination with Mars, from skygazing in prehistory to tales in modern media, can be revealing.

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