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In this country, we use metric.
ARES Habitat Model

Richard Miller of Guelph has designed and built a model of the MSF-ARES (Arctic Research Station) habitat. The Toronto Chapter displayed his model at the Universe '99 Conference in Toronto. We received so many requests for plans or kits of the model from educators that we decided to post plans for the habitat to the Web.

The plans are available in PowerPoint format, for Microsoft Windows users, and PDF format, for users of Windows and other platforms. Free PowerPoint file readers are available from Microsoft - for Windows 95/98/NT and Windows 3.x users. Free PDF readers are obtainable from Adobe's web site.

In addition, one may read an in-depth account of the model's construction by our Education officer.

In the future if the demand is present we may make kits available. Thanks to Richard for the plans and pictures of his model in the Cheltenham badlands.

Model view 1

Model view 2

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