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Chris McKay Lecture

March 31, 1999

Public Release:
On Wednesday, March 31, at 8 pm NASA scientist Chris McKay will be giving a talk as part of an initiative by the Toronto Mars Society Chapter. The talk will the at McMurrich Building just north of the Medical Sciences Building at the University of Toronto (click for a map; The McMurrich Building is listed as MR, just north-west of Queen's Park subway station). The auditorium is located in the north part of the Medical Sciences building. (from College and University, walk down the path going North-west. when you reach a few stairs go up. The auditorium will be on the right.)

The lecture is FREE!

Chris McKay is a NASA exobiologist at NASA Ames, Space Science Division. His work has focused on life in extreme environments (perennially ice-covered lakes in Antarctica) and whether life could have developed on other planets (mostly Mars and Titan). He is also strongly involved in refining models about Mars' past and developing models for terraforming Mars. He was one of the founders of the Mars Underground (about 20 years ago) which is now the international Mars Society. McKay has worked with Robert Zubrin in developing the Mars Direct plan for human exploration of Mars. Currently the Mars Society and McKay are involved in developing the plans for a Mars Base in the Canadian Arctic.

Chris McKay's talk will focus on Mars exobiology together with some aspects of terraforming Mars, and the Arctic Base. He is a great speaker. The talk will be followed by questions and answers and a "meet and greet."

I am sure that everyone will greatly enjoy the talk!!!

I hope all of you can come out to it!

Please tell everyone you know who would be interested!

Toronto Mars Society Chapter Co-ordinator

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