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The Mars Society of Canada

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Mars Society Explores the Universe

The Toronto Chapter of the Mars Society hosted a booth at the Universe '99 astronomical conference over the Canada Day weekend. With over 900 people visiting exhibits, listening to speakers, and  participating in teacher's workshops, the Universe '99 conference was a part of the larger "Partners in Astronomy" meeting from July 1st to 7th.  This event was hosted by the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, and the Association of American Variable Star Observers. The conference was held on the University of Toronto's downtown St. George campus, in the Medical Sciences building and auditorium. Noted speakers included comet-hunter David Levy, and Geoff Marcy, whose team of astronomers discovered 14 of the known 20 extra-solar planets.

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This event was an unqualified success for the Toronto Chapter. Hundreds of visitors came by the Mars Society booth to see displays on the current and future Mars missions, the Mars Society/Flashline Arctic Research Station, and the Mars Direct mission plan. A significant number of people had already read Mars Society President Robert Zubrin's book, "The Case for Mars". Chapter members were pleased to talk about the Society's goals and efforts to those who came by, and took down names of those interested in lending their support. Hundreds of brochures were freely taken, and numerous people expressed interest in learning more. "The Case for Mars", the "Mars Direct" video as well as the video of Dr. Chris McKay's talk about terraforming Mars entitled "Bringing Mars to Life", sold well. Right Model View

The Mars Society is an international organization with chapters in over 70 countries. The Toronto Chapter meets regularly. Contact Raakesh Persaud for more information.

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