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The Mars Society of Canada

In this country, we use metric.

- Shirt-bearer.

- Treasurer. Robert is designing analytical flying probes to perform gas chromatography/mass spectroscopy on Mars when he is not cycling or listening to Jimmy Buffett songs.

- A graduate student in Chemistry at the University of Toronto, a 2001 FMARS crewmember.

- Joseph (Joe) McGinty dreamed of discovering the Unified Field Theory in the late 1970s, but an encounter with third year physics cruelly ended that dream. Left to wander the streets of Toronto, he was eventually lured into employment by an advertising agency, and, shockingly, has been there for the last 17 years. But now the inner geek that has lain dormant for so long has finally resurfaced! It started with the innocent purchase of a slide rule and was quickly followed with membership in the Mars Society. Where to go from here? The possibilities are infinite! Also, Mr. McGinty, as a not-yet-noted international film producer, will attempt to convince other members of TO-Mars to actually visit the Red Planet so he can make another film.

- An Information Technology student at Ryerson University.

- Grad Student at U of T, studying the geology of Mars.

- Exemplar Active Member.

- Perpetual Commuter.

- Terraforming? Yo soy rojo.

Former TO-Mars members

- Being an avid Popular Science reader for over 11 years has, at times, led to flights of fancy.

Jeff Cadieux - Treasurer and champion of 905.

Margarita Marinova - Founder of the Toronto Chapter.

Vesna Nikolic - A Mechanical Engineering student at U of T. ARES Rover Team Leader.

William Craig Pickthorne III - Production Coordinator for the TO-Mars-2000 Conference. Token civilian and 3rd-year Ryerson Theatre student, Craig has been a subscriber to Scientific American for most of his life, and can now say he understands roughly 65% of what the articles say.

Katherine Harris - 1999 Hakluyt Prize winner.

Darlene Lim - Former Paleolimnology graduate student at the University of Toronto; now a Post-Doc at NASA Ames.

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