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Michigan Mars Society Founding Convention

The Michigan Mars Society is a chapter of The Mars Society whose founding convention is pictured above.

In addition to helping give local members a voice in the Society as a whole, the chapter is actively involved in local recruitment, education, and increasing local awareness of the Mars Society and its goals.

The purpose of the Michigan chapter is to support the national Mars Society in the exploration and settlement of the planet, Mars. These efforts can grouped into four major areas -- public outreach, political action, private commercial development, and direct support.

Public Outreach

  • Educate the public that we have the technological ability to settle Mars, it can be done at reasonable cost, and there are great benefits from such an endeavor.
  • Strive to build excitement, interest, and broad public support for the settlement of Mars.
  • Give the public the means and knowledge to support the settlement of Mars in their own way.
Political Action
  • Educate legislators on the advantages of a human exploration and settlement of Mars and how they can support the effort through government.
  • Evaluate the political obstacles and options to develop the political will for government support of the settlement of Mars.
  • Direct lobbying for Mars' programs by constituents and support of pro-Mars candidates during elections.
  • Encourage and craft legislation that supports humans exploration and development of space.
Private Commercial Development
  • Educate business people on the potential return of space development and space industries.
  • Encourage the development of industries and capabilities needed for the settlement of Mars.
Direct Support
  • Conduct research, develop technology, and run experiments that enable the settlement of Mars.
  • Organize large scale fund raising to support such efforts by national Mars Society organization (in contrast to money raised for chapter operations).

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