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Bylaws for the Michigan Mars Society

Article I Nature and Purpose

1.1 This organization will known as the Michigan Mars Society.

1.2 The group is a chapter of the Mars Society.

1.3 The purpose of the Michigan chapter is to support the national Mars Society in the exploration and settlement of the planet, Mars. These efforts can grouped into four major areas -- public outreach, political action, private commercial development, and direct support.

Public Outreach

Political Action

Private Commercial Development

Direct Support

Article II Membership and Dues

2.1 Members will include all Mars Society members in good standing who choose to be affiliated with the Michigan chapter.

2.2 A voluntary recommended annual dues will be set by the membership and collected by the chapter, but it will not be required for membership.

Article III Officers and Committees

3.1 The officers will include president, vice president, treasurer, secretary, and committee heads. Officers will serve from the January meeting until the following January meeting.

3.2 Executive officers including president, vice president, treasurer, secretary will be elected by majority vote of the membership present at a duly advertised meeting of the Michigan Mars Society. The president and vice president cannot serve as comittee heads.

3.3 The president, in addition to the typical responsibilities of the office, has the ability to create a committee and appoint a temporary committee head. After two months, if still viable, the committee members must elect their own committee head.

3.4 Such committees will be the primary division of labor for the chapter's activities. Any member can join any committee(s).

3.5 Committees can form subcommittees, if they so choose.

Article IV Amendment to the Bylaws

4.1 Any changes or additions to the bylaws must be approved by 2/3 of the membership present at a duly advertised meeting of the Michigan Mars Society.

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