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Mars Habitat Model

MMS member Mike Hudson has created a habitat model with the help of a few other MMS members. 

Mike and other MMS members with the Hab Model.
Mike (far left) and fellow MMS members with the Habitat Model at the Jackson Space Center's "What's Up" Weekend.

Mars Hab Model with greenhouse
The Habitat Model with greenhouse.  The greenhouse was built by MMS member Julie Edwards.

Habitat Model with stairs and greenhouse
Another view of the Habitat Model with the stair platform.

Mars Habitat Model During Construction

Mike mounting the struts on the hab model
Mike mounts the struts to the habitat base.  The habitat is made out of a large plastic holding tank. 

Mike mounting the pads on the habitat struts
Attaching the foot pads to the landing struts. 

Mike and the hab model
The semi-completed hab model. 

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