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Why A Mars Society?


Ohio Events

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To spark your 2010 interest, I have Wright Brothers Videos - Docs and Mars Related Media links on back pages. Dayton is an interesting place to visit, so be sure and look around our just finished 2010 convention welcome pages.

History of Dayton - Wright Brothers - Carillon Park  Dayton Convention Media Links 2010

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Zubrin on NPR on Mars vs Moon on 40th Moonlanding Anniversary.

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We covered the 2009 Neil Armstrong Air & Space Museum's 40th Moon-landing Anniversary. We have lots of pics!

Here's some postings of previous conventions - 2009 may have more later.

Our UCLA- MSOC 2007 Coverage
 Of The International Convention

Our August 2008 Convention in Bolder, CO

New: SEE Science Day 2010

Video: NASA at Troy, Ohio Strawberry Festival June 2006

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Hey! It WON the X-Prize! And it visited Dayton on the way to the Smithsonian.
Watch our videos, slides and cool 360 degree view put together by your webmaster of the Ohio Chapter!

 WATCH our SpaceShipOne video of the pilot's speech at Dayton's Wright Patterson AFB.

Welcome the Ohio Chapter of the Mars Society.


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See Our Ohio Chapter Runners in:

iSpace 5K Run Walk 2012

UC Science Expo March 2014

See UC Science Expo March 2013


The STATE Science Fair in Columbus, Ohio - May 7th, 2011

Ohio Goes To The 2011 Convention

The Southwest Ohio Science and Engineering Expo 2011

TechFest 2011 Dayton, Ohio - See Photos

Don't forget to have some fun visiting our old Ohio Welcome pages. There's a lot there still!
Media 2010 Page (2010 Convention)
for More Fun! Watch videos, investigate Mars!

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Hey! It WON the X-Prize! And it visited Dayton on the way to the Smithsonian.
Watch our videos, slides and cool 360 degree view put together by your webmaster of the Ohio Chapter!

 WATCH our SpaceShipOne video of the pilot's speech at Dayton's Wright Patterson AFB.



Ohio - Birthplace of Aviation



NASA Audio(s) about WATER on Mars - and view the official water map - on our site

Mars Society is now on Twitter!

Here's MSOC's link to Planetary Society's AIM FOR MARS

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How Much Do You Weigh On Mars?

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SpaceShipOne in DAYTON - July 2005!


Wanna play a game? Try Mars ActiceX Trivia!Wanna play a game! Try Mars ActiveX Trivia!

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As the Society's founder, Robert Zubrin is fond of saying, History is not a spectator sport. If you're interested in helping to pursue the society's goals, why not join a local chapter. If you would like to join the Ohio Chapter of the Mars Society please contact:

State Chairperson
Ohio Chapter

Gerry Black


Cleveland Branch
Position is open.
Columbus Branch
Branch Chair
Gary Flood

Dayton Branch
Pat Craig
P.O. Box 1635
Fairborn, OH 45324
Branch Chair
Lyle Kelly

Our chapter wins national award.

Read Tam's Letter To Our Ohio  Mars Enthusiasts About Our Award !!!


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