Meeting Minutes
Regular Meeting Austin Mars Society
16 January 2005

Submitted for revision by James Harris, Chapter President

Meeting called to order at 6:45
Attending Members:
Ed Strickland
John Strickland
Jon Ribble
Andy Morgensen
Frog Froeba
Paul Means
James Harris

1. Discussed setting a calendar in cooperation with the UT chapter for Spring. It was proposed (by John I think) that we look into doing something as a joint effort for Yuri's Night. Frog volunteered to look into what might already be planned in and around Austin for review at
the Feb meeting. Also discussed was the possibility of bringing speakers (Dr. Zubrin and others) to UT to speak. Andy was going to look at dates for the larger lecture spaces and advise us.

2. James announced that he will not be able to attend or chair the Feb. meeting due to commitments to the MDRS Refit project. He will be at the Utah Hab during that period. Plans should be made to coordinate with Steve for office access, or pick an interim location.

3. Frog and John requested contact information for the Political Task
Force. James agreed to have the Task Force contact them. (email sent to
Patt Czarnik 1-17-05)

4. Concluded business meeting

5. Information/Discussion Items
      A. MER Updates - new type of rock found, appears to me FeNi meteorite.
      B. Cassini/Huygens - appeared to land in frozen "goop", "rocks" are most likely dirty water ice blocks.

      C. Indonesian tsunami photos and global implications

6. Meeting adjourned 8:30pm