Draft Meeting Minutes

Mars Society – Austin Chapter

14 March 2004


I.              The meeting was called to order at 6:35pm. The members present were Andy Mogensen, Paul Means, Isabel Cano, James Harris, Tina Cano, Ed Strickland, and John Strickland. Guests were Tam Czarnik Mars Society Medical Director and Patt Czarnik Mars Society Membership Director.

II.            The minutes from the February meeting were approved

III.          Tina presented example by-laws from the Louisiana chapter for review. There were some questions about the necessity of some of the listed provisions of the document. It was decided to table further discussion until the April meeting in order to allow members to thoroughly review and suggest changes to the example document.

IV.          Election of officers was also tabled until April, with Andy agreeing to serve as Chapter Secretary on an interim basis.

V.            Discussion of incorporation of the chapter highlighted much confusion regarding the procedures necessary to form a non-profit as outlined in the Louisiana by-laws. Tina agreed to research the procedure and costs and the discussion was tabled until her report could be heard and also for input from Steve regarding the legal issues involved.

VI.          Updates on outreach initiatives

a.     Invitation to ArmadilloCon- Tam and James informed the membership of an invitation to have an information table available at the ArmadilloCon science fiction convention. James suggested that we also look into the possibility of appearing on a panel discussion at the event as well. Ed agreed to contact the event staff and inquire if such a panel might be available. Tam agreed to provide the initial funding for the information table, in lieu of the establishment of chapter resources.

b.    James outlined Jeff’s initiative for political debate opportunities and requested support from the membership.

c.     Future outreach opportunities were discussed. It was decided to attempt to contact the Texas Space Grants Consortium. We also wanted to ask Tom to outline the contacts that might be available in the Texas legislature. The feasibility of a student outreach chapter was discussed and further ways to integrate chapter activity with the university. Andy and Paul agreed to investigate, Gunjan was drafted to help.

d.    Website activity was discussed.

VII.        Presentations

a.     James presented the objectives and findings of MDRS Crew 22 for those present along with a slide show of photographs of the stunningly Mars like terrain fond at MDRS

b.    There was an open discussion of the current finds by the MER vehicles and speculation regarding past water on Mars

VIII.      Meeting was adjourned at 8:50pm


Submitted for revision,


James Harris, Chapter President

1 April 2004