DRAFT Meeting Minutes

Regular Trustees Meeting

Austin Mars Society

16 May 2004


  1. Meeting convened on sidewalk in front of Steve's office (6:50pm) Attending were Tina, Ed, John, James, Paul, and new face Jon Ribble
  2. Minutes from April approved (@6:55pm)
  3. Tina filled us in on her research into incorporating the chapter as a 501c3 non-profit. Fees are actually less than expected but filing is involved and usually requires legal assistance. Further information to follow. (@7:00pm)
  4. Outreach Updates (@7:10pm)
    1. ArmadilloCon - Ed has had no luck contacting the organizing staff, but has one last position to try. We assume at this point that they are not interested in our participation on panel discussions. Also James mentions that to proceed as planned in the dealer's area with Gunjan's t-shirt proposal will cost us an additional $45 for electricity for the weekend. Final decision for our participation level, if at all, was tabled until the June meeting.
    2. UT - proceeding
    3. Political meet and greet party - James has contacted the Austin Astro. Society. They are interested in working with us, but noted that a boat is not the most stable place to set up a telescope. We need to find out if there is available Terra Firma for the telescopes near the boat. Also need to firm up the date as soon as possible for finalization.
    4. Political Updates - proceeding
  5. Open Discussion - items included the President's agenda regarding space and the Space Exploration Alliance. John presented two informational papers regarding exploration and development of space. James suggested that we consider dividing the meetings into business (monthly) and informational (quarterly) to allow adequate time for presentations. (@7:25pm)
  6. Adjourn (@7:30pm)