Draft Meeting Minutes

Regular Trustees Meeting

Austin Mars Society

12 Sep 2004


  1. Meeting convened at Steveís office. Attendees: Steve, Andy, Jonathan, John, Ed, Paul, Frog and Gunjan. Meeting started at 6:30 PM adjourned at 8:30 PM.
  2. UT Event update

      Presentation date shifted to Sep 23, 2004, 6:30 PM.

      Flyers prepared by Andy and Gunjan approved.

      Membership fee: Got a substantial monetary donation for UT chapter from one of the people above. Andy has the check, will figure out how to deposit, tax issues, bank account etc. Name of donor withheld from this minute for privacy. Will defer charging a membership fee for membership to UT chapter until Spring 2005.

      Event layout finalized: Intro by Andy followed by Jonathanís talk. After that Andy will announce that UT students interested can stay back to, talk to Steve, Andy, Gunjan and Jon for more info on Mars Society, sign up for the chapter AND the boat party. Rest can leave.

      Jonathan to publish event announcement in Austin Chronicles (did I get that right?) by next weekend (Sep 19).

      Jonathan will get the presentation and send it to Andy latest by Wednesday: need a day to make sure it will work with the projector (font/image format etc). Andy will coordinate on this issue with Jonathan.

      Andy will confirm room, projector/computer for the presentation. Will also bring the big banner with him on the day of presentation.

      Andy will print the flyers at Steveís office. Gunjan has left flyer paper there.

      Andy Gunjan and Andy will put flyers in the campus by Sep 15/16.

  1. Linucon event update and assigned tasks:

      Event date: October 8,9,10. Need to be ready by Friday October 1!

      Final team of people going to Linucon: James Harris, Johnathan Ribble, Ed Strickland, John Strickland, Gunjan Gupta and Frog Mary Froeba.

      John: Above 4 people excluding Ed have signed up for events (presentations and panels) suggested by John and Gunjan. John will follow up and get back to us with the final list of selected topics and people for panel/presentation approved by Rob Landley ASAP so that people can prepare for those events. Will also collect payments of $10 each from James, Frog and Jonathan. Will help arrange badges for James, Jonathan, Gunjan and Frog.

      Gunjan: Will coordinate with Steve and James to get at least 1 hour of video on DVD to play at Linucon. Will arrange a monitor and a laptop or computer from James, Steve or John for Linucon. Will need to test the DVD ROM and software and any other presentation stuff (images etc) on the computer in advance to make sure it will play there. Will also arrange projector from Steve.

      James: Will burn Mars Direct or Mars Flashline video on DVD by October 1 so Gunjan can prepare/test it for Linucon.

  1. amscore@yahoogroups.com core group member sign up: Steve, John (Ed), Gunjan, James, Andy and Jonathan are on the list now. Austin Mars Society will use this list solely for administrative purposes. Ownership with Gunjan now, all members have administrative rights to upload/download files, create database and send out emails. All access restricted to members only.