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WMS Activities Log Book

This Log is Under Reconstruction

2006 Activities

April 19 - Peter Kokh gives talk at the Library in Highland Park, Illinois
"Practicing for Mars in the Utah Desert"

February 26-March 11 - Peter Kokh commands Crew 45 at Mars Desert Research Station

2005 Activities

August 12-13 - Peter Kokh attends Mars Society Convention #8in Boulder, CO and gives Presentation on Expanding the Mars Analog Program

July 11-August 3 - Andy Wegener joins "Greenleaf" Crew 10 at Flashline Mars Arctic Research Station as Chemist

February 6-March 20 - Peter Kokh joins Crew 34 "Refit Crew" at Mars Desert Research Station to help upgrading all the utility systems

January 6-22 - Andy Wegener joins Crew 32 at Mars Desert Research Station as Chemist and Executive Officer

2004 Activities

August 19-20 - Bill and Heidi and Kendra Hensley, Karen Nader, Scott Davis, Andy and Mary Wegener, and Peter Kokh attend Mars Society Convention #7 in Chicago, IL. Peter gave a presentation of his "Mars Pulse" Calendar.

2003 Activities

October 18, 2003 The Wisconsin Green Party passes the Outer Space Resolution drafted by Bill Hensley.

May 15, 2003 We man an exhibit at the annual Rockets for Schools event in Sheboygan. [photo of Matt Giovanelli behind our table] [another of Matt and Karen Nader]

2002 Activities

July 20, 2002 - Scott Davis and Peter Kokh join several NSS-Milwaukee members to carpool to Chicago, and tour the EuoMARS hab on display at Adler Planetarium.

June 14-16, 2002- WMS information table at the annual Midwest Renewable Energy Fair in Amherst, Wisconsin

April 25-26, 2002 Peter Kokh set up a "You Can Fly on Mars" exhibit at the Aviation Career Fair at Milwaukee's Mitchell International Airport. The display met with enthusiastic response from young people present to look at careers in aviation, but guarded and skeptical response from adult aviation fans, an opportunity to set them straight!

2001 Activities

October 20, 2001 Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reporter Jamal Abdul-Amin took in the WMS meeting, bringing along a photographer. After talking with members for over two hours, he put together an excellent article about the group for the Monday, October 22nd edition of the paper, in the Metro section.

June 15-17, 2001- WMS information table at the annual Midwest Renewable Energy Fair in Amherst, Wisconsin

2000 Activities

November 3-5, 2000 “Red Planet” opening at the Mayfair mall General Cinemas: The Wisconsin Mars Society and the Lunar Reclamation Society (NSS-Milwaukee) have a joint display in the lobby. [Scott, Peter, Karen by Peter's model of a "modular homestead"] [Matt behind the WMS Tables]

August 10-13, 2000 Matt Giovanelli and Scott Davis attend Mars Convention 3 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

August 1, 2000 Kenosha Summer Mars Camp: Wisconsin Mars Society member and 5th grade teacher Heidi Hensley invited Peter Kokh down to Kenosha. Heidi had a summer school class for 10-12 year olds in which she was teaching the kids how the biosphere worked (2 liter soda bottle technology with three levels, bottom up: ocean, soil/plants area, compost area) and how we’d have to try to duplicate that life support system on Mars. Heidi had also organized a suymmer Mars Camp for 8-12 year olds at the Kenosha Public Museum. She arranged for Peter to talk to both groups. It was a lot of fun. For the summer camp, Heidi had arranged some neat hands on experiments she saw on the Internet that showed the kids how the Pathfinder Rover worked and obeyed commands from Earth.

April 15, 2000 Wisconsin Mars Society had an information and exhibit booth at a Tripoli Rocket Association rocket launch event at the Bong Recreational Area west of Kenosha in the SE part of the state. Five WMS members took part and we got to see some pretty impressive level 3 launches, including some rocket drag races, and one 3-stage launch

March 21, 2000 WMS member Peter Kokh was interviewed by space.com on lavatubes and their possible use on Mars and this resulted in an article published on March 21st

March 10-12, 2000 weekend We set up our diplay tables in the lobby of the General Cinema complex at Mayfair Mall for the opening weekend of “Mission to Mars.” Our booth was manned by seven WMS members. [photo showing Bill Hensley, Matt Giovanelli, Peter Kokh, and Scott Davis (back turned) behind the WMS table]

MARCH 12, 2000, 1-4 pm LRS Chapter Meeting, Mayfair Mall, Matt Giovanelli, president of the Wisconsin Mars Society chapter, gave a slide presentation about Mars and the Mars Society’s programs at the monthly Lunar Reclamation Society (NSS-Milwaukee) meeting at Mayfair Mall (conveniently, just downstairs from where we were set up for the opening of “Mission to Mars”

WMS BEGINNINGS Read our monthly reports emailed to the Mars Society's Red Satellite Report Service for chapters. We filed reports for the months, March through June, 2000

1999 Activities

Oct. 30, 1999 Peter and Scott Davis were in Janesville, Wisconsin for the 2nd annual JVL-Con, science fiction, fantasy, and gaming event. Richard Hatch (Captain Apollo in the Battlestar Galactica series) was on hand and spent a half hour talking to Peter at our exhibit

Oct. 8-10, 1999. Wisconsin Mars Society Hosts the science track at this year’s First Contact Sci-Fi Convention, with Matt Giovanelli, Scott Davis, and First Contact founder Peter Kokh on hand

August 12-15. Matt Giovanelli, Bill Hensley, and Scott Davis attend 2nd Mars Convention in Boulder, Colorado

July, 1999 (late July, early August?) First WMS activity - Ron Pickar (Madison) and Peter Kokh (Milwaukee) meet with Congressman James Sensenbrenner (Milwaukee North and West suburbs), at Robert Zubrin's personal request, to encourage the congressman to change his mind about cancelling the TransHab project. In this effort, we were not successful.

1998 Activities

August 13-16, 1998. Matt Giovanelli attends Mars Society Founding Convention in Boulder, Colorado

May 25, 1998 During a plenary session of the National Space Society's 1998 International Space Development Conference in Milwaukee, WI, Robert Zubrin announces his intention to found the Mars Society at a "Founding Convention" to be held in Boulder, CO in August. Peter Kokh, as ISDC Chair gave Zubrin free round trip airfare to ISDC from Denver, and arranged for the plenary session he needed for the announcement.

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