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Exhibit Items Created by WMS Members

* Earth><Mars><Moon "Gravity Bricks" - [photo]

* Earth><Mars><Moon "Gravity Jugs"
Make your own set for less than $5 and in less than an hour

* Making Moonscapes and Marsscapes
Settings for Moon & Mars Habitats, Outposts, and Settlements

* Exhibit on The Mars Society's Mars Analog Research Station Program - [photo]

[* Posted on the Space Chapter Hub website - maintained by Peter Kokh, for the benefit of chapters of The Mars Society, The Moon Society, and The National Space Society. "However our focus may differ, we face the same challenges and use the same tools."]

"You Can Fly on Mars" Exhibit put together in April, 2002 by Peter Kokh for the "Aviation Career Days" Exhibit at Milwaukee Mitchell Field International Airport. We had hoped to make this an annual event, but it was canceled in 2003, 2004, and then never heard of after that. The exhibit featured the NASA Kittyhawk drone aircraft designed to fly over Valles Marineris on Mars on December 18, 2003, the 100th anniversary of the Wright Brothers first flight. After the Mars Polar Lander disaster, the project was canceled. Aircraft and flight enthusiasts are surprised to learn that someday we may fly on Mars. This exhibit attracted a lot of attention from adults and youth alike.

Peter Kokh's Moon/Mars Outpost Display at the 2004 Mars Society Convention in Chicago

Scott Davis' remotely controlled Lego Rover with remote camera, shown on the simulated Mars landscape made by Matt Giovanelli and Ron Zroik.

Karen Nader and Scott Davis show off The WMS Rocket (for exhibt only) assembled by Matt Giovanelli and painted by Ron Zroik

This page is still under construction, waiting for information on Exhibits created by other WMS members.

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