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Railroading on Moon & Mars Google Group

Railroading on the Moon and Mars are promising surface transportation systems on both frontiers. Along with the MarsDrive Consortium, we are sponsoring this exciting brainstorming effort.


www.Marspedia.org was launched March 7, 2007 on a donated server. Wisconsin Mars Society was honored to pick up the tab for a ten year domain name reservation. Marspedia will be a Mars Wiki type online encyclopedia for the Mars Society and Mars enthusiasts everywhere.

Mars Simulation Project

Scott Davis is working on an open source software project that will simulate future human colonization of Mars. The program is written in Java and can be run on any computer that has a Java 2-compatible virtual machine installed. The project's homepage is http://mars-sim.sourceforge.net.

For more information on this project or if you'd like to volunteer to help, email Scott Davis at mars.sim@gmail.com.

Supporting the Mars Analog Research Station Program

Wisconsin Mars Society chapter support has focused on the Euro-MARS, the Mars Desert Research Station in Utah (MDRS) and on the Flashiline Mars Arctic Research Station (FMARS) on Canada's far north Devon Island.

July 20, 2002 - Scott Davis and Peter Kokh of Wisconsin Mars Society join members of the NSS-Milwaukee chapter in a car pool field trip to visit the EuroMARS station on exhibit at Chicago's Adler Planetarium

January 8-22, 2005 Andy Wegner joins MDRS Crew 32 (Executive Officer & Chemist) - links to photos (crew 32 files)

February 6-20, 2005 Peter Kokh joins MDRS Crew 34 (asst. carpenter, asst. electrician) - links to photos (crew 34 files)

Gifts of Wisconsin Mars Society to MDRS
  • "The First Tree on Mars (Mdrs)" - a bonsai tree which did not survive the year
  • Baking Dishes, etc. - plus Kitchen Utensils, bonsai tree, two books, two DVDs, "Craters & Blueberries" version of Oware/Mancala game - L>R Peter Kokh, Ben Huset, Commander Paul Graham

July 11- August 3, 2005 Andy Wegner's joins 4 week "Greenleaf" crew at FMARS Crew Chemist

February 26-March 11,2006 Peter Kokh commands MDRS Crew 45 - links to photos (crew 45 files)

WMS Member Research & Construction Projects at the Mars Desert Research Station

Testing Colors for Survival

MDRS Dust Control Study Findings

Simulated "Pressurized Tunnel" built by Peter Kokh connecting the Hab and the GreenHab and christened the "Robert A. Heinlein Memorial Tunnel"

WMS Member Research Projects at the Flashline Mars Arctic Research Station

Testing The X-ray Fluorescence Spectrophotometer,

WMS Member Political Action Projects

Bill Hensley's successful effort to get the Wisconsin Green Party to adopt a positive space policy
Outer Space Resolution of the Wisconsin Green Party

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