The Martian Chronicles
Issue 9, Spring 2001

Cool Links
by Margarita Marinova

  • - Lots of information about Life Beyond the Earth - the planets, moons, terraforming Mars - and many other related topics. From PBS.
  • - Contains the entire Mission 2004: The Search for Life on Mars project information (see pg. 7 of this issue - click here).
  • - NASA Astrobiology Institute - Links to Astrobiology news, educational materials, learn more about the various member institutions and members of the Institute, and other great links.
  • - Learn about the Canadian Space Agency and the various projects that they are involved in! Learn about the building of the Canadarm2 which is used to build the International Space Station.

Looking for Mars related science project ideas? Or perhaps you have some ideas to tell us about? The site to visit is Mars Science Projects at Browse the current list or let us know about your ideas! And tell us about past projects you’ve done! There are many interesting Mars projects which will help us reach Mars, so get started today!