We had a meeting Thursday evening at the San Marcos IHOP. There were 6 of us, myself, Andrew, Jonathan, Dave, Gregor and JJ. 

  We discussed a number of things we could do as a group. I took some rough notes and here are the ideas I wrote down sorted into some major headings. 

  Group activities 
  - Visit the south west habitat 
  - Volunteer to help out at the south west habitat 
  - Visit the Malin space systems center 
  - Visit JPL, Palomar, Lockheed... 

  - Lead field trips to the south west habitat 
  - Sponsor talks at local schools 
  - Letters to the editor 
  - Sponsor opinion pieces in the editorial pages 
  - Sponsor lectures (at RH Fleet or other locations) 

  - Affiliate credit cards 

  - Closed loop water technology 
  - Growing plants in Martian air and soil. 

  Some of the things we are going to do before the next meeting: 

  Gregor: look into affiliate credit cards. 
  Andrew: contact Malin. 
  Jonathan: Find out about the south west habitat, check into the e-mail group. 
  Dave: Find out about other chapters, what they do, how they got started etc. 

  We also thought that we could meet again on Wednesday or Thursday the first week of April and either Andrew or Gregor (I'll take better notes next time) was going to try to set up a place for that. We were going to try to find a more central place (UTC, UCSD area maybe). 

  Send in other ideas of things we could do (I've probably missed a couple that were mentioned at the meeting). I'll try to keep a master list of ideas. 


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