We had our April Meeting at the Acapulco on Miramar road last Thursday.

Shannon, Gerry, Andrew, Jonathan, Dave and myself were there.

We decided that we would have a booth at the SD Comic Con. This summer (July
19-21)   This would give us something to focus on, it would be fun, and we
could meet others interested in our group.

Shannon - was going to look up what it would take to get a booth at the Comic
Gerry - was going to contact Malin to see if we could visit (thought it would
be nice to combine a visit followed by a meeting)
Andrew - was going to get an info kit from the Mars Society concerning
possible speakers for Comic Con, and post info on the web site.  (can you
resend the URL?)
Jonathan - was going to answer the question "where is the southwest habitat?"

I - was going to find out if there was going to be any kind of NASA feed to
the RH Fleet center from Mars Odyssey
Dave - was going to find out about other special interest groups in San

Other topics discussed included the failure of Biosphere II, temperatures in
Anza Borrego, this summers Mars conference and the use of coupons at

Our next meeting will be Monday May 7th at the Acapulco on Miramar road at
(on the north side of Miramar, 1/3 or 1/4 of the way from the 15 to the 5)

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