Standard meeting place, The Acapulco on Miramar.  Shannon, Dave, Andrew, Gerry
and Jonathan attended.

The main topic discussed was once again the Comic-con event.  So far, Kim Stanely
Robinson and our own Gerry have agreed to be on the panel. We are still trying to
get one or more of David Brin, Ray Bradbury, Dennis Nakamura (from the Fleet
Science Center), Sally Ride, Buzz Aldrin and possibly scientest(s) from JPL.

Gerry showed a slide show made from material pulled from the Mars Society web
site, although we all agreed that the script that came with it was overly
long-winded and needed to be severely trimmed or re-written. Dave and Gerry
agreed to take on that task.

Dave also agreed to actually chair (host? run? adjudicate?) the panel.

Groff wasn't there to take his usual high-grade notes, so please submit any
info I might have missed.


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