Hi, all-  Here are the notes from the Friday, Oct 12 meeting regarding
Mission Support for the Desert Research Station:

Meeting was held at Kelly's house aka Mission Control.  Kelly, Jonathan
and Shannon (that's me!) were there.  We talked about the logistics of
committing to a month long stint as mission support and agreed that it
could be done because a) Kelly will have the time to devote to the project
due to his retirement and b) Jonathan and I will be between semesters.  I
wanted to make sure that Kelly was okay with all of us invading his house
as well and he was.  So other than eating and touring the set up, which is
in a spare bedroom in the rear of the house, we talked some about who will
do what.  This is what we decided, subject, of course, to all of you

The SOP's have a list of jobs and we sorted them out this way:

Mission Support Director-- Kelly
CapCOM- whoever is on duty
Science/Engineering Officers- Shannon, Jonathan, Andrew, Groff
Liason for personal emails-- whoever is on duty
Liason with press/journalist-- Gerry, Dave

Gerry will go to Denver as Chapter Rep for training.
Kelly will contact Tony with further specifics for computer set up and
possible server space
We will volunteer from Dec 15, 2001 to Jan 15, 2002.
We will set up at duty schedule later.

Some other things we talked about (other than the usual Mars gossip):

Andrew- could you please send the link to the chapter website again?

We talked about the possibility of doing GreenHab but it was our consensus
that doing mission support, Comic Con (which is taking over the entire
convention center next year!) and outreach was enough for now.

We also talked abit about the structure of our chapter and while we agreed
that we all liked having "Member" status as opposed to President, VP,
etc., we liked the idea of project leaders.  Our suggestions:
Andrew-Chapter Liason/Webmaster
Kelly- Mission Support
Gerry- Comic Con (although I would like to be your underling on this, as I
really enjoyed the challenge of last year and am ready to do it again)

So let us know what you think! 

Shannon Marie Rupert