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"The Earth is the Cradle of Mankind, but one does not live in the cradle forever."
-- Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, 1895


We met at our MDRS Mission Support Center at Kelly's house at 6:00pm to start our shift as Mission Support for the evening. Present were Kelly Jernigan, Shannon Marie Rupert, Gerry Williams, Dave Rankin, Groff Bittner, John Stone, and Gilbert Ikezaki.


The meeting was quite informal, and most of it centered around our Mission Support activity this month. We looked at some scheduling material that Don Baker sent with Gerry that he used to schedule the MDRS Team (and that NASA uses to schedule shuttle crews) Groff built an Excel spreadsheet for scheduling our MDRS support positions (and we'll try to get it online in the next couple of days). We also discussed press releases for our MDRS Support and for Shannon's upcoming MDRS Crew Rotation #4 shift at the Hab. We're trying to build the infrastructure to become a Virtual Mission Support with everyone logging in each night away from Kelly's Mission Support facility (from their own homes or workplace). The four positions we need to fill on a nightly basis until April 10th are:

Science Officer
Engineering Officer

There are also several Observer positions available each night.


Last week Gerry was sent to MDRS for two days to video document Hab activities and to get a feel for what went on there so San Diego could better provide Mission Support to the Hab crew. Gerry brought photographs of his EVA experience, as well as a 90 minute rough assembly of footage from EVA-25 (from the initial meeting to suit-up through the EVA itself and return into the airlock. He discussed his observations of Hab-life, EVA, wearing "The Suit", and he answered everyone's questions (especially Shannon's) as best he could.


We got reports from our members on the SDAA Telescope Night (an overcast evening, but six people were talked with) and from the ConDor science fiction convention (our presentation panel was well received, but the fan table in the hotel corridor was probably not worth the time to have our members attend it). We talked about another small science fiction convention in San Diego in October called ConJecture -- we'll offer to do a panel for them, but any fan table we get will be display only, with little or no manning. Comic-Con was not discussed tonight, nor was Yuri's Night Space Party.


Gerry brought back a four-color brochure for The Mars Society for discussion. Although dated (revised 4-17-2000), we'll be asking to get some of these brochures four our local outreach.

The good news from Mars Odyssey regarding the hydrogen (water) availability on Mars was very welcome.

Shannon's rotation as crew aboard MDRS begins March 24th for two weeks. We'll be providing Mission Support to the Hab while she's there.

The group voted unanimously to reimburse Gerry for some of his unfunded trip to MDRS last week. Gerry is very grateful to everyone, as that paid for the gas and a couple of quick meals on the road. Now we have to set about rebuilding the treasury -- all ideas are welcome.

We briefly discussed updating our website with our chapter's active member's bios. Also Gerry asked if anyone missed the Mars-related News reports he'd been posting to our Yahoo Mail Group -- response was that he should continue to post the news links.

The meeting broke up at 9:30pm, after signing off from Mission Support.

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