Controlled Ecological
Mouse Support System

Initial Draft
Subject to Revision

Controlled Ecological Mouse Support System Diagram
Key to diagram
1 Plant Nutrient Solution
2 Santiam II Martian Soil Simulant
3 Plant Growth Chamber (wire mesh floor)
4 Mouse Habitat (wire mesh floor)
P1 Nutrient Pump
P2 Mouse Water Pump
G1 Turd Grinder
F1 Particulate Back-Wash Filter
F2 Heavy-Duty Drinking Water Filter
Blue Arrows Air Flow
Red Arrows Nutrient Flow
Cyan Arrows Mouse Water Flow

The CEMSS works like this:
  1. Timer turns on P1 which pumps up nutrients
  2. Overflow "washes" ground-up mouse turds & urine into solution tank
  3. Fan circulates O2-heavy air into mouse hab & mouse hab CO2-heavy air back
  4. P2 pump keeps mouse water bottle filled & filtered as needed
Mouse feeds on grain & tomatoes growing in Chamber 2. Pumps, fans, timer, and other equipment are powered by 12-volt batteries kept charged by solar cells. The seed stock comes from Utah State University: