Mars Society - Oregon Chapter
Erik Carlstrom
Vice President

Erik CarlstromI am a senior in Physics with an option in Geophysics at Oregon State University. I will be going to grad school soon to pursue a Ph.D. in Geophysics. I joined the Mars Society because I felt that it was the best way to ensure my dream of going to Mars, whether for myself or not.

I believe that the next stage in mankinds socioalogical and physical evolution is for humanity to expand it's bounds into the vast reaches of space and Mars is the logical first step. As the president of the Oregon chapter, I feel it is important for our chapter to be active politically and to share the vision of Mars with others. I am also the duly elected Chapter's council representative and one of the council's Ombudsman.

In my spare time I read extensively on virtually every subject imaginable, but with a concentration in science fiction, science fact, and history. I am a musician and have played the piano since I was seven, the trumpet since I was nine, and have written music since my senior year in high school.

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