Mars Society - Oregon Chapter
Joe Turner

Joe TurnerI am a graduate of Oregon State University with a BS. in Environmental Science. I came out of college a very well-rounded student, having spent 9 years in school full time, wandering from program to program and enjoying my classes. I'm currently enrolled as a distance learning Graduate student in the University of North Dakota's Space Studies program at

In my younger days I traveled all over the world. I still love to travel, but having a job to pay the bills cuts down on the amount these days. I do still find time to do the things I love, which include spending time with my parents and my brothers family in Portland, working as a volunteer at the Oregon Coast Aquarium in Newport, and spending winters snowboarding and summers hiking and driving in the mountains of Oregon. The rest of the time you'll find me sitting at my computer or working on keeping my house up.

My interest in Mars stems from my avid Science Fiction reading as a child. I'm still a child. I used to think that NASA was going to get us there, but corporations would build Mars. Now I'm not sure I want to leave it up to NASA. We're ready to go now, with or without NASA. I felt strongly compelled to join the Mars Society in their quest to bring a new Mars to us sooner rather than later. The reason, because I can participate directly, and I AM making a difference. I hope you'll join us too.

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