Welcome to the Pennsylvania
Chapter of the Mars Society

The Mars Society is an international organization whose ultimate goal is human exploration, development, and eventual settlement of Mars.
The group goes about this through public outreach, support of worldwide governmental funding of Mars exploration programs, and independent Mars exploration projects.


February 18-19 the PA Mars Society will be hosting its annual exhibit at the Carnegie Science Center's National Engineer's Week event in Pittsburgh, PA.  Email Kevin Sloan <kevin[at]kfsloan[dot]com> for information if you are interested in helping.


The 4 chapters of the Mars Society in PA are:

Penn State
    President - Rob Wilson
    Vice-President - Amy Blank

    Chapter Contact - Kevin Sloan

    Chapter Contact - Len Pierce

Philadelphia Independence
    Chapter Contact - Gary Fisher

Join the mars-penn mailing list (this list serves the PA, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia chapters)

The PSU Chapter mailing list can be found on their chapter web site

Join the marssocietynewsletter, which serves the Int'l Mars Society

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