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New England Mars Society Event and Activity Descriptions:

The following is a listing of our currently scheduled meetings and events. We also have a number of meetings, etcetera, on an ad hoc basis, so if you would like to hear about them as well, sign-up for one of our regional mailing lists (you can sign-up for those lists or find contact information for the various chapter heads by clicking here.)

We need your support wherever and whenever possible to continue our success. We need your assistance to staff public outreach events, educational activities, and major projects. As more activities appear we will notify you by e-mail.



  • Executive meetings are on a weekly basis @ MIT.

  • July 24 - Next Meeting of the New Hampshire Chapter
    Derry Public Library, Derry, NH
    The New Hampshire Chapter will have their next meeting on this date, and will discuss our ongoing projects as well as the plans for the Space Day event.


  • Executive Council meetings on a weekly basis @ MIT.

  • August 4 - 5- Cape Cod Airshow
    Falmouth, MA
    Cape Cod Chapter Event. Bruce Mackenzie has volunteered to assist with this event. We are looking for volunteers to help staff this event.

  • August 23 - 26- Mars Society 4th Annual Convention
    Stanford University, California
    See http://www.marssociety.org for more information and to register.

  • August 24- Scheduled release date for "Ghost of Mars"
    We'd like to set up tables at movie theaters for recruiting and public outreach in each chapter area.

  • August 25 - 26- Westfield, MA Airshow
    Westfield, MA.
    We are looking for volunteers to staff the event from this area in Western MA. Similar to other airshow events.

  • August 28 - Next Meeting of the New Hampshire Chapter
    Derry Public Library, Derry, NH
    The New Hampshire Chapter will have their next meeting on this date, and will present an update on the just-ended convention as well as discussing the upcoming Aviation Heritage Festival.


  • Executive Council meetings, date and location TBD

  • September 13-16 - Fitchburg, MA airshow
    Fitchburg, MA airport
    Staffing needed and participation by members would be welcomed!

  • September 22-23 - Aviation Heritage Festival
    Daniel Webster College, Nashua, NH
    New Hampshire Chapter event. The Aviation Heritage Festival had a really good turnout last year and we made plenty of new contacts. We were also fortunate to meet Gene Kranz, flight controller for NASA. The Festival also featured a great collection of aircraft on display.

  • September 25 - Next Meeting of the New Hampshire Chapter
    Derry Public Library, Derry, NH
    The New Hampshire Chapter will have their next meeting on this date, and will discuss the Aviation Heritage Festival event, among other issues.


  • October 10-12 - Mars Week at MIT.
    MIT, Cambridge, MA
    The MIT chapter will hold their annual Mars Week event at MIT during this time period.

  • October 23 - Next Meeting of the New Hampshire Chapter
    Derry Public Library, Derry, NH
    The New Hampshire Chapter will have their next meeting on this date, and will discuss what role our chapter will play in the advocacy of Mars exploration.

In addition to the events described above, we have a number of projects and activities that will run on an ongoing basis throughout the spring.


Temporary Mars Display at the Christa MaCauliffe Planetarium
The Christa MaCauliffe Planetarium in Concord, NH has an immediate need for a Summer temporary display on Mars. It is mainly oriented towards children. They would like this done in the next few weeks. Please contact Tony Schilling or Stephen Glenfield if you'd like to assist with this project.

The Martian Chronicles
The Chronicles are a newsletter we produce in association with the Mars Society Youth Chapter intended as both an educational outreach tool and an opportunity for youth to express their interest in Mars. You can read the just released Winter Issue and back issues online at http://chapters.marssociety.org/youth/MChronicles.shtml. We'd also love to have any articles or other submissions you'd like to prepare. Please contact marsyouth@mit.edu for more information concerning submissions and other ways in which you can be of assistance, or if you're interested in subscribing to The Martian Chronicles.

Mars Week 2001 planning
Mars Week is a large annual conference at MIT organized in coordination with ThinkMars, which typically takes place in the fall. Planning for Mars Week 2001 will begin shortly. If you're interested in taking a lead role in this year's Mars Week, please contact mars@mit.edu.

Mars: 2020 Vision
The MIT Mars: 2020 Vision team submitted an entry to the NASA Means Business competition in January, and has since been selected as one of five finalists. The team will continue to work on their concepts, based strongly on Educational Outreach for all ages, and present at JSC in late May. Further information and the team's proposal are available online at http://web.mit.edu/mars/2020vision/. If you'd like to take part, or have any questions, you can contact the team at roswell@mit.edu.

Educational Development
In addition to the Saturday classes through HSSP and the efforts of the 2020 Vision team, we'll be working on developing additional teaching resources and ideas, and greatly increasing the scale of our Educational Outreach efforts. For example, we are already in contact with City Year Boston, concerning teaching a number of Mars-related classes. If you'd like to teach (whether or not you have experience doing so), have some great ideas for class materials, or even know of a good group to get in touch with concerning teaching there, please contact Erika Brown (elb@mit.edu).

Operation Congress
To let Congress know that there are supporters for human Mars missions and what the possibilities of such missions are, we will be getting in touch with our local representatives as part of the larger Mars Society Operation Congress effort. Dan Hussain (dhussain@mit.edu) will be coordination our activities in this regards, so please contact him if you are interested in helping out. If you've been following the recent news regarding NASA, you'll know that there are currently a large number of changes in store for the agency. It is imperative that Congress makes Mars a definite priority.

Chapter Development
We'd like to start up a number of chapters beyond the well-established one at MIT and the newly forming ones in New Hampshire, Cape Cod and Boston University. If you are interested in helping out with this, such as by organizing a local meeting of Mars Society members, please contact Bruce Mackenzie (bmackenzie@alum.mit.edu) so that we can assist you.

Speaker Series
In a similar fashion to last spring, we will have a series of speakers at MIT and perhaps at Boston University; once these talks have been scheduled we will send out further announcements. If you have any suggested speakers, please contact Cassie Rodriquez (cassie22@mit.edu).

Internet Development
We'll be doing some major overhauls to our existing websites, as well as developing a number of new services to make it easier for you learn what is going on throughout the New England region and in your local area, and to also make our organization run more efficiently and to convey our message to the public more effectively. If you have experience using HTML, various web-programming languages, databases, etcetera, or are interested in learning, please contact Ben Martin (brm@mit.edu) so as to help out.

In order to make all of these things happen, a wide variety of resources are required. Tony Schilling (amstony@aol.com) will be heading up a fundraising campaign in order to assist us in this regard. If you'd like to assist, or have any suggested avenues of advance, please get in touch with him.

Send emails to the following addresses if you're interested in helping out with or taking part in events and activities in the respective areas:

Greater Boston - Automated - mitms-subscribe@yahoogroups.com
New Hampshire - Steve Glenfield - sglenfie@nortelnetworks.com
Cape Cod - Jim Partan - jpartan@whoi.edu

(Once again, if you're interested in starting a new chapter, just let us know, and we'd be glad to help out.)

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