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Chapter Info:
The Nebraska chapter is for people in the area who wish to promote the exploration and settlement of Mars and other locations in space. 
Our humble chapter has high ambitions to promote the advancement of space development to the Nebraska public and government. 

The Purpose of the Mars Society:
To further the goal of the exploration and settlement of the Red Planet. This will be done by:

1.Broad public outreach to instill the vision of pioneering Mars.
2.Support of ever more aggressive government funded Mars exploration programs around the world.
3.Conducting Mars exploration on a private basis.

Starting small, with hitchhiker payloads on government funded missions, we intend to use the credibility that such activity will engender to mobilize larger resources that will enable stand-alone private robotic missions and ultimately human exploration.

We meet on the first Saturday of each month, from Noon to 3 pm, at the Papillion Public Library.

By car:    80 into Omaha, then 84th street south, stay on 84th street until you cross Cornhusker Rd (this is just after crossing south from LaVista into Papillion).  Just after crossing Cornhusker you will follw 84th street down a little hill and the library is on the left (just across the street from a Runza restaurant).

Alt.  Take 370 to 82nd street and go North.  The library is on the second right after you cross the creek.

Map:  tbd

Contact Us:
For info on next meeting:   dmdventures@hotmail.com

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