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The Wisconsin Mars Society Chapter offers avenues for Wisconsin members of The Mars Society to support the Society's work in many ways. We have conducted public outreach at many venues: Science Fiction movie debuts (Red Planet, Mission to Mars), Amateur Rocket Launching Events (at Bong Recreational Area), Alternative Energy Fairs, Lego Competition Events, the annual Rockets for Schools event in Sheboygan, Aviation Career Days at Mitchell International Airport, and elsewhere.

WMS members have given papers and presentations before a variety of audiences, have built models and exhibits for outreach use, and actively supported The Mars Society's Analog Research Station Program with two members serving on two crews each.

We have succeeded in getting some media attention for our efforts.

If you are a member of The Mars Society, and wish to support the Society's far-reaching goals, Wisconsin Mars Society can offer support. Join us!

NASA Mars Rovers Spirit and Opportunity
NASA rovers Spirit and Opportunity are currently exploring on the surface of Mars. Read the lastest status on the rovers at these Web sites.
NASA Exploration Rover Mission
Space.com Mars Rovers: Full Coverage

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