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The Mars Society Youth Chapter (MSYC) represents student members of The Mars Society, an international organization dedicated to the human exploration and settlement of the planet Mars.

Our members are individuals and student groups from across the globe, who communicate and collaborate with one another through the MSYC.

Our chapter was founded in August of 1999 at the Second Annual Mars Society Conference in Boulder, Colorado, USA with the following goals (among many others):

  • building bridges by promoting discussion and collaboration between students of all countries;
  • fostering the exchange of ideas and promoting youth leadership;
  • representing the youth voice within the Mars Society, and broadcasting this voice to the public;
  • promoting new opportunities (internships, activities, contests, etc.) to youth when they arise.

The Youth Chapter addresses these goals primarily through its ongoing online publication, The Martian Chronicles, which has become a medium for communication and creative expression among students interested in all aspects of space exploration and astronomy.

The chapter has been virtually dormant for a few years. If you wish to take a leadership role and get involved in the chapter, contact The Mars Society via their home page. Thanks!


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