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Mars Rover Bumper Sticker Contest

The Winner of the Mars Rover Bumper Sticker Contest is Gene Johnson with:
I'd rather be driving a Mars Rover!

Honorable mentions go to:
On To Mars! by Felix Dance
Mars is the Future by Evan Cholfin
Humans to Mars by Felix Dance

Thanks to all of you who participated! Below are all the entries.
- My planet is redder than your planet. (Amy Davis)

- Get your red soil here (Amy Davis)

- Take and adventurous three year vacation. (Amy Davis)

- Plant our flag first! (Amy Davis)

- Mars is the Future (Evan Cholfin)

- My child is a future Mars Explorer (Evan Cholfin)

- Onward Mars! (Evan Cholfin)

- Today is the Future...on to Mars! (Evan Cholfin)

- On To Mars (Felix Dance)

- Humans to Mars (Felix Dance)

- Mars or Bust (Felix Dance)

- Mars - Love it or leave it! (Felix Dance)

- We Martians are Red-Blooded! (Felix Dance)

- Mars for the Martians! Us! (Felix Dance)

- This Rover Climbed Olympus Mons (Gary Fisher)

- Martian, Genetically Modified, and Proud! (Gary Fisher)

- Radio a honk if you make your own air! (Jonathan Michaels)

- 150 million miles from the nearest traffic jam (Julian Jamison)

- If you can read this, you're on Mars! (Julian Jamison)

- Mars Rocket Fish: Darwin fish that says MARS inside; instead of legs, fish has tail as a roaring rocket engine. (Patrick Beatty)

- Keep reaching for the Mars (Shawn Goldman)

- If Earth is our mother, then Mars is our bride to be (Shawn Goldman)

- Mars or Bust (Shawn Goldman)

- Life on Mars Would Be a lot More Lively if We Were There. (Tanya Harrison)

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  • Margarita Marinova
  • Paul Wooster
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