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Mars Society Canada - Waterloo Chapter

Waterloo Space Society Hosts Expedition Two Presentation

Waterloo Student Prepares
For Simulated Mission to Mars

Posted November 19th, 2004

WATERLOO, Ont. -- On hand to model the MarsSkin, a state-of-the-art Martian Space suit prototype, will be Waterloo's own Ken Pizzolitto. A current graduate student at the University of Waterloo, Ken will join a team of Canadians next month in the Utah Desert to take part in an ongoing simulated mission to Mars.

The featured guest speaker Monday night will be Mars Society of Canada Vice President, Rocky Persaud, a veteran of two previous such missions. Just this summer, Rocky took part in a similar Mars expedition in Australia and he will be speaking at the University of Waterloo Nov. 22 to share his experience and pass the torch to Ken who will try on a special Mars space suit at the lecture to get a taste of what's to come.

The Waterloo Space Society presents:


Will Canadians participate in a future international human mission to Mars? Mars analog research in environments or situations similar to what would be encountered by a human crew on Mars is a young and broad field of interdisciplinary studies in which Mars Society Canada has engaged a long term, progressive program. Our Expedition One took place last year in the Utah desert with some of the basic questions we will need to answer before designing a surface exploration program to be conducted by humans during a nominal 500-day mission scenario on the surface of Mars. Expedition Two this year continued pursuing those questions at a more advanced level in Australia near the site where the MARS-Oz base will be constructed. Rocky Persaud introduce those questions, explain how MSC is approaching them, and how you may help.


Rocky Persaud is pursuing graduate studies at the University of Toronto, developing geological models of sedimentary basins on Mars. He was a Science Collaborator on the Haughton-Mars Project, and was a crewmember of Flashline Mars Arctic Research Station during the 2001 field season. For MDRS, he was invited to serve on the first unofficial shakedown crew during a week over Christmas 2001 amidst its construction, where many ideas for a long-term research program was developed. These ideas led to Rocky organizing and commanding the month-long mission of Crew 14 / "Expedition One", the first of a series of international expeditions intensely planned and coordinated by a core group of researchers. A member of several space advocacy groups, he was a director of the Canadian Space Society, a founding member of the Mars Society's Toronto Chapter, former editor of the Canadian Space Gazette, a delegate to the 2002 Space Generation Summit in Houston at the World Space Congress, past president of MSC, and currently is vice-president of the Mars Society of Canada. Once again steering Mars Society Canada's collaboration with the Mars Society of Australia, Rocky is managed the science program for Expedition Two in Australia that occurred over the month in August 2004. Before entering the field of planetary geology, Rocky obtained his first bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering, and his second in Geology, both at the University of Toronto. Rocky also sits on the Board of Directors of the Association of Mars Explorers, and is planning the 2nd Martian Expedition Planning Symposium.

Waterloo Chapter

The Waterloo chapter is part of the University of Waterloo Space Society. Consequently, this MSC chapter site will not be updated too often. For information on the Waterloo Space Society's Mars activities, visit their webpage.

Chapter Contact - Benjamin Sanders

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