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Mars Habitat Model

MMS is in the process of designing a model of a Mars Habitat module. The model can be transported to schools and fairs where people can get a feel for the living and work environment of the first human visitors on Mars.  See images of the Hab Model here.

Michigan Mars Rover Design Project

On 9 March 2000, the Mars Society released a call for designs in the Mars Analog Rover Initiative contest. The various chapters of the Mars Society would present designs for the pressurized manned rover to accompany the Mars Direct mission. This rover would be used on Earth to investigate the operational and design issues of such a vehicle.
Pressurized Rover Project
Michigan Mars Rover Design Project
Michigan Mars Rover Student Project.

Developed Talks

Why Mars? - The Case for the Human Exploration and Settlement

Chad Ohlandt
Michigan Mars Society

We have the technology to send humans to Mars. The cost to do so is less than the Apollo program and less than 1% the annual budget of the Department of Defense. Mars is the only place in the solar system beyond Earth that can support a self-sufficient human presence. The near term benefits in terms of science, technology, and education are immense and clearly worth it. The long term potential is almost beyond comprehension. These reasons and the supporting arguments make the case that humans should embark on a mission to Mars in the first decade of the 21st century.

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