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Below you will find quick bios about some of the many people who are part of Mission Support. Without them none of this would be possible.

Susan M. Eyler Tabacheck
My name is Susan M. Eyler Tabacheck and I came into this world in Gunnison, Colorado. I have a love of Space, Pioneering, and flight! I'm a wife and mother of 6 children and two grandchildren. My children and grandchildren are the rainbow. The majority of my life was following my husband around the world as an Air Force wife until he retired. I have worked for the Federal Government for 20 years. I'm a secretary for the IRS and I love my job and my Agency. I was a National Treasury Union Steward for 5 years working with the Legislative Committee trying to help bring to light the need for assuring that Federal employees rights and needs were recognized by Congress. I am an alumni of the Aurora Citizen's Police Academy and am extremely proud of it. I was the first IRS employee and NTEU Representative to attend the Democratic National Convention 1996 as an Alternate Delegate of the State of Colorado. I fell in love with the Mars Society while at an Air Show at Lowry Air Museum and have been with it ever since. As a Delegate of Colorado in 2000 at the Democratic National Convention I spoke not only of the Federal Employees needs and Colorado's needs but also of the need for the US to go to Mars. My dream is to be able to say that I helped put our first people on Mars and maybe someday one of my children or grandchildren will be going to Mars and pioneering a new way.

Patty Pietu
Hello Future Martians, I am a costumer, jeweler & artist. Currently a Massage Therapy Student. I am interested in Muscle application in Space Travel. More practical I help Design and construct the Material Part & Back Pack of the Analog Spacesuits used on Devon Island. With a great back up Crew of Mars Society volunteers! Already a Trekie it was a short trip to taking Imagination to Reality. Hopefully the trip to Mars is as short.

Katya Muscat
I am 15 years old and in 10th grade at Eaglecrest High School. I was born in Ekaterinburg, Russia and came to the US in 1997 at 10 years old. As a Star Trek fan, I am drawn to space exploration. I am also interested in Mars colonization, which is why I am member of the Mars Society and I volunteer for Mission Support as a CapCOM. As, most likely, the youngest volunteer, I consider myself very lucky to be part of something like this. My goal in life is to be a combat aircraft pilot and be on the first crew that goes to Mars. I plan to join the Air Force Academy when I finish high school and NASA after that. My interests are space science, Mars, mathematics, computers, and Star Trek. I also enjoy my work, reading, airplane modeling, and computer gaming.

Anderson, Dewey
I'm a 46-year-old independent software consultant with a B.A. Math, B.S. Physics and an M.S. Computer Science, all from the University of Florida. I taught computer graphics there for 8 years in the 80's. I've also developed software for equipment used in the video production industry. Currently my work is centered around astronomy. I worked on the data processing system for the Chandra X-ray telescope and am currently working on software for an infrared telescope to be mounted in a 747 (SOFIA). I am a founding member of the Mars Society. My first real active involvement was with development of Mission Support in the spring of 2000. I spent a couple weeks that summer helping to finish the construction of FMARS in Denver, disassembling it and loading it for shipment to Devon Island. I was on the Mission Support crew for the FMARS 2000 field season. Lately I've been involved with the design, construction and testing of the analog Mars suits worn by the crew on Devon Island this year. I built the helmets and backpacks used on the suits. I'm also serving on the Mission Support team. My hobbies have included paragliding, soaring, music (drums, keyboards), song writing/recording in my home studio, video production, computer graphics animation, collecting time-lapse video of clouds, astronomy (including talks at the local high school), voice-over and acting.

Lapierre, Judith
Bonjour to Mars Society members. I am currently working at Mission Support in Denver, Colorado primarily as CapCom between the Field Team and the Support Team. I am a doctor of public health, specialized in health promotion. My science interests are in the field of human factors (individual and collective indicators) and performance (with a comprehensive view including the Mission Control/Support Teams as well) as they relate to space missions, simulations and isolation experiments'success. My research program at our laboratory in Cyberpsychology at Universite du Quebec in Hull is working on developing psychosocial countermeasures to long term spaceflights. I have been interested in space since forever and recent experiences at the ISU (International Space University) in 1995 and 1996, a short stay in Antarctica (Terre Adelie), a confinement experiment in Moscow of 110 days have all contributed to my interests in better supporting individuals in working and living in extreme environments. I'll see you all either on Devon next year, or at the Southwest Station, or on Mars...!

Lloyd, Tim
Tim Lloyd is a senior Aerospace Engineering student at the University of Colorado at Boulder, focusing on spacecraft design with a minor in Theatre. He has worked at CU's Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics for the past 2 years, operating several Earth-orbiting spacecraft. Tim is also responsible for some of the construction of the analog space suits being used at the FMARS station, and looks very dashing and astronaut-like in an analog space suit with his orange tennis shoes.

Bell, Lorraine
Although there are times when I seem to practically live at Pioneer Astronautics, I don't actually work there. However, since my goal is to see one of my peers walk on Mars, I gladly and usually without complaint offer my assistance whenever I can. I've become a fairly regular fixture behind the registration table at the annual conferences, I helped with the sewing of the analog space suits, drove to Just Past The Middle of No Where Utah to scout for suitable habitat locations, packed and arranged for shipping of the analog suits and accessories to Resolute Bay, and am currently helping out at Mission Support (at least until we find a way to clone Tony Muscatello). In my spare time, I enjoy hiking, photography, and reading and re-reading all the HMP and FMARS reports and journals (more high resolution photos please!) Oh, and I occasionally go to work at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center where I am charged with keeping the Occupational Health Program and Training Program Workshops operating smoothly.

Muscatello, Tony - Mission Support Director
Dr. Muscatello is a research chemist with a Ph.D. in inorganic chemistry from the Florida State University. He worked in national labs and with government contractors for over twenty years before joining Pioneer Astronautics in 2001. Tony has been interested in space exploration his entire life and particularly interested in Mars exploration for the past six years. His work at Pioneer Astronautics deals with making rocket fuel on Mars that uses less hydrogen from the earth, thus saving mass and cost. He is a founding member of the Mars Society and has been very active with the local Rocky Mountain Mars Society since its formation at the Founding Convention. Tony has been the Mission Support coordinator for the past year and is extremely happy to be contributing the effort to send humans to Mars.

Orlotti, Brian
Hello, fellow Mars Society members! My name is Brian Orlotti. I'm an undergrad Information Technology student at Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada. I have been an active member of the Toronto chapter since February of 2000. As part of the Toronto chapter, I helped plan and execute the Mars Society's 2000 conference. I'm currently working at FMARS mission support here in Denver, Colorado primarily as Journalist and Computer Tech. My primary interests are in computer networks and telecommunications. I have chosen to specialize in the area of network design. After completing my undergrad degree, I will either enter the telecom industry or (at the suggestion of friends and colleagues) apply to the International Space University. If all goes well, you next hear from me from Devon or the Desert Station! Our Cause is worthy, and our goal is clear.  ON TO MARS!

Savage, Keith
My name is Keith Savage and, when I haven't been doing schoolwork (finishing my BS in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering just last May), I've been helping out the local Mars Society chapter for about two years now. Last summer I was able to assist with the last-minute finish work on the Flashline hab before it was shipped to Devon Island. This past spring I helped with the last-minute finish work for the analog space suits for the Devon Island crews and now I'm doing Mission Support for a couple days a week. This fall I'll be moving to Tennessee (to work on my Masters in Aerospace Engineering at the UT Space Institute), so they'll have to find someone else for last-minute finish work.

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