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Artists concept of Mars Direct base.

“The Earth is the Cradle of mankind, but one does not live in the cradle forever.”
-- Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, 1895

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Radio Free Mars!

Welcome to the North Shore Chicago-Illinois Chapter of the Mars Society. If you are interested in more information regarding The Mars Society, go to our National Site, or read the Mars Society's Founding Declaration. If you are interested in being part of the future of humanity's evolution into a space-faring civilization, join The Mars Society today. If you live in the Chicago or North Shore areas, please feel free to join our e-mail list or drop into one of our meetings.

Mars Desert Research Station 2004-2005 Field Season is Underway!!!

NASA's Website on the Martian Rovers: Spirit & Opportunity!

This is a color photo from the Spirit lander soon after it successfully touched down on Mars.

Write Letters to Your Congressional Reps and Senators!!!

Visit the MS Political Task Force Website

In the wake of the Columbia Shuttle disaster and the ongoing robotic exploration of Mars, it is crucial that we make our voices heard - we must let our reps know that we support the human exploration of space. Below are some sample letters to adjust and send out; also included are two articles to send to your reps to read. Find out who your reps are at Vote-Smart and make sure to follow-through.

NOTE: Letters going to Congress to Washington, D.C. addresses are still going through decontamination process before being delivered and the delay can take 10-14 days. Send your letters to the local offices in your area. The staff reads and forwards letters to the D.C. offices and you will avoid the delay. Or you can fax them. Although a few offices treat email the same as other correspondence, email is not recommended because of the volume received in the offices and it may not get printed.

Support SEA03 Sample Letter
Sample Letter #1
Sample Letter #2
Sample Letter #3
"No Time to Cut and Run"
"Mars: Why and How"

1. Wait a week or so and follow up with a phone call to your representative’s local office. Set up an appointment. You’ll probably have to be persistent. Don’t be disappointed if you end up speaking to a staff member instead of the representative or senator. Imagine the value of recruiting an ally on the staff!

2. Once you have secured a appointment, let us know - contact Matt Lowry. We will be happy to help you prepare for the meeting and some of us might even accompany you for moral support and strength in numbers. NEVER be intimidated by a meeting with a politician. Remember, they’re supposed to be working for you – not the other way around.

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