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FMARS Mission Support Summary-Friday, July 13th

This has been the third day of rotation under Dr. Zubrin's Command. The impression we receive of the day was wet and miserable, and the weather prevented the scheduled EVA from taking place, although the mood of the crew remained upbeat.

One event threatening to sour the mood was the overflow of the incinerating toilet, creating an emergency cleanup effort by the crew. In addition, a shortage of the toilet's plastic liners prompted a search for a Canadian source of the needed consumable.

The FMARS crew kept busy preparing for tomorrow's EVAs and doing paper work.

At Mission Support, Tech support on Antennas and feedback on the simulation space suits was supplied by Dewey Anderson. Data and power problems are still present at the hab, but little could be done by Mission Support, except for expediting a new generator to the site.

Tests Results on Haynes Ridge detected no water, so the FMARS Team was very sparing in their showers.

Several Science reports from Charles were received. We also received a nice color drawing of the upper Deck from bill Clancy.

The Mission Support Staff changed during this shift. Participating today were Engineering Officer Dewey Anderson, welcoming Ingrid Lith as Liaison, Katja Muscat as CapCom, Patty Pietu in the Journalist role and Judith Lapierre and Lorraine Bell as Freewomen. Tony Muscatello, as always, as Mission Support Director, and Maggie Zubrin who just happened to be here.

PS we quickly concurred regarding to the 9:05 sign-off (we were tired, too.)
PSS. At 10.00 we still received an Email saying the new generator is in Resolute...The heat is on!

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