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FMARS Mission Support Summary-Sunday, July 15th

Mission Support started today's adventures reading and processing old messages from the last three days. With that done, the crew settled into their daily routine. The timeliness and processing of Field Team reports went smoother than in previous missions - evidence of the improving experience of both field and mission support teams.

Mission support crew for this shift were as follows: Lorraine Bell as Mission Support Director; Judith Lapierre as CapCom; Ingred Leth as Engineering Officer; Jason Held as Liaison and Journalist. Although we did not have many people today, the people that were here had plenty of experience, keeping training time to a minimum.

Lessons Learned:

  • It would be useful to communicate with the HMP staff prior to ordering equipment, so that their experiences can be utilized (ordered a generator which reportedly was NOT optimal for the arctic).
  • Message archiving must be done once the message has been read. Discipline in this are should alleviate the difficulties we had early in the day.
  • When leaving messages for the next day's Mission Support Team, please do not use small scraps of paper or "sticky notes", as these are easily lost.
  • Action items must be updated as they are taken care of.

Additional Items:

  • Received Bill Clancy's report - the first info on Bill's Research to date
  • Sent the first Space Weather Report, forwarded from the NOAA website. This should be a daily report.

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