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FMARS Mission Support Journalist Report
July 18, 2001

Today marked the first full day for the 3rd rotation crew. We received reports of the first EVA of this rotation, a less extensive EVA than previous ones. The issue of the weak batteries was discussed, and our desire to begin using the "hobo" device, which can measure battery voltages as they are used. This should help us diagnose the continuing battery problem.

The generators continue to be a problem, and we are looking for a Canadian source of reliable generators. The explorers in the FMARS habitat are not confident in their current generators and ask that we be ready to get a new one to them immediately should the need arise.

In addition, Dr. Zubrin gave us shipping instructions of the best way to get supplies moved around in the Arctic. This is another reminder of just how remote Devon Island is...FEDEX does not seem to know the difference between Resolute and Cincinnati...

Mission Support members for tonight were Katja Muscat (CapCom), Tony Muscatello (director), Dewey Anderson (engineering officer), Judith Dupree(liaison), and Jim Oliver (journalist). Our morale at mission support continues to be high. Down here, we have warm nights, plenty of food and water and safety from the polar bears. But we also have a setting sun, revealing a brilliant planet mars in the southern skies.

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