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FMARS Journalist Report for July 26, 2001

Mission Support Crew for today:

Mission Support Director: Tony Muscatello/Lorraine Bell
Engineering Officer: Keith Savage
CapCom: Keith Savage
Liaison: Kim Wheeler
Journalist: Kim Wheeler

Today, questions came in from KSC at about 3:30 PM. These were:

  1. Are there any Martians on Mars?
  2. Is the rock or atmosphere on Mars red?
  3. What is the chemistry of Mar's Atmosphere?
  4. Is there ice on Mars?
  5. In a real Mars station, how would they maintain good and continuous communications with the different orbits?

Mission support followed the new procedures (from July 26th) and Tony prepared voice answers which were subsequently emailed to KSC as a backup plan in case the Flashline crew could not respond in time. This did work out well, as we didn't receive Flashline's responses until after 4PM. KSC did use Mission Support's (Tony's) answers at around 3:50 PM.

Maggie and Jim spent time today ordering a generator. They successfully ordered 2 of the 5 watt (?) generators for the habitat. The order is in progress.

The habitat did a successful EVA today, deploying telerobots part way into a canyon. Mission support received the extensive voice and image reports at approximately 7:50 PM.

-Kim Wheeler

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