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this morning a short video was received by mission support, a view from the front of a small rover (controlled in-hab) that inspected a small dent in the underside of the hab (~1cmx3cm).

pascal lee (mission commander) checks in with mission support: phase 4 crew moved in today, consisting of lee (geologist and planetary scientist), steve braham (physicist), peter smith (roboticist), john blitch (roboticist), carol stoker (engineer), and larry lemke (engineer).

21:35 questions recieved from mars desert research station exhibit, located at the kennedy space center (ksc)visitor's center:

  1. (from martin) why was devon island chosen [as the site for the mars arctic research station]? and
  2. (from maverick) why were the crew members chosen? what were the selection criteria?

pascal lee's response to the above questions:

  1. devon island is the largest uninhabited island on earth and is a cold, generally dry polar desert (almost no vegetation, rocky, dusty, windy) that is less harsh than, but still comparable to, a Martian environment.
  2. 250 applications were received, from volunteers of the mars society and members of the nasa haughton-mars project; those that were accepted cover a wide range of research interests and inquiries into the logistics of going to mars. if you are interested, apply in the next go-round. =)

confirmation from kennedy space center that the question and answer session went well (i.e. that lee's answer's were received in time to be presented to the group).

mission support signs off for the day, as we have not heard from fmars since lee's answers to the ksc questions.

a half-hour interview of tony muscatello, lorraine bell, bob pohl will be aired tomorrow, sunday july 29th at two times and on three radio stations:
6am: kosi, 101.5 fm
kezw, 1430 am
11:30pm: the hawk, 99.5 fm

Michelle Stempel

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