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journal entry for august 3, 2001

three questions were posed by visitors to kennedy space center:

  1. what are the temperatures like on mars?
    kelly: temperatures range fom -150F to 32F, depending on lattitude, season, and time of day.
  2. how did mars get its name?
    pascal: mars is the roman name for the god of war (ares is the greek name), which was associated with the planet due to its reddish hue.
  3. are there martians on mars?
    pascal: evidence is not conclusive either way, since viking soil tests gave a positive reading, which can alternately be explained in terms of inorganic soil composition. large creatures roaming around the surface of mars are not probable, though microbial life may reside in permafrost.

no other significant communication was recieved from the hab, as the area is foggy and no EVAs can be accomplished.

journalist: michelle stempel

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