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Journalist Report - August 5, 2001

Mission Support started at 3:19 p.m..

Mission Support consisted of:

Katya Muscat - Capcom
Susan M. Tabacheck - Journalist
Tony Muscatello - Mission Director

Susan acted as Capcom until Katya came in at 3:21 p.m. Susan replied to messages in the field and then started reviewing messages and placed one in the To be Read Folder. Katya came in and took over the Capcom seat and Susan began reviewing news articles to be sent forward.

Pat Czarnik was working on issues for the convention.

Capcom received messages regarding our future endeavors on Mars from the habitat at the Kennedy Space Center. Tony gave his answers but we have not heard anything from the Field Team and we don't know if any responses from Devon Island have been received.

Hugh Muscat brought Mr. Michael Sabbath and son Eric Sabbath into to view Mission Support. They enjoyed their time here and inquired on how they could become a part of the Mars Society.

The Field Team received two diesel generators and they are using them as their power source.

We received an email from Steve Braham that their automated time delay program is functioning and he hopes that it will be hooked up for the comm link very soon.

Mission Support shut down at 7:15 p.m. 5 August 2001

Susan M. Tabacheck

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