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FMARS Mission Support Summary - Tuesday, August 07th, 2001

Mission Support started at 3:00pm MT.

Mission Support staff consisted of:
Mission Director: Tony Muscatello
CapCom/Engineer/Journalist: Scott Hibbard

Recieved narrative report and summary for 8/6/2001 Phase 5 EVA 1, along with an attached picture of the informally-named Discovery Channel Valley. The Discovery Channel film crew participated in the EVA.

Received KSC questions at 3:22pm MT. Called KSC and confirmed KSC reception of reply sound file. Dr. Robert Zubrin responded to the questions from Mission Support. Questions asked by tour participants:

  1. Why are we doing this in the Arctic Circle as opposed to elsewhere?
  2. Why do we want to go to Mars?
  3. How do we know what the gravity is on Mars?

Most of the Mission Support team left at around 8:00pm, leaving a skeleton crew until 9:00 pm MT in case more communications arrive from the Field Team. Mission Support resumes August 8th at 3:00 pm MT.

Scott Hibbard
FMARS Mission Support Team

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