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FMARS Mission Support Summary - Thursday, August 09th, 2001

Mission Support started at 3:00pm MDT.

Mission Support staff consisted of:
Mission Director: Dewey Anderson
CapCom: Katya Muscat
Engineer/Journalist: Scott Hibbard

Mission Support received narrative report and summary for 8/8/2001 Phase 5 EVA for 'Site 7' located 4km N of the Habitat. EVA scheduled to start at 4:45pm CDT, ending approximately 8pm CDT. Webcam recorded EVA preparation.

Dr. Pascal Lee sent pictures showing EVA collection of geological samples using a Hamilton-Sunstrand proof-of-concept spacesuit. Spacesuit internal voice-recognition system programmed for geologic terminology prior to EVA.

No KSC questions were received today due to activity surrounding the launch of the space shuttle Discovery.

Pascal says Phase 6 will start when George James and Eric Tilenius arrive at the FMARS Habitat.

Pascal also says streaming video capability planned for Phase 6 EVA's.

The Mission Support team departed at 8:00pm MDT. Mission Support resumes August 10th at 3:00 pm MDT.

Scott Hibbard EngineerJournalist, FMARS Mission Support Team

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